Title:  Farnacres
Date:  C 1900
Reference Number:  GL003399
  Farnacres,was situated in splendid isolation on the northern section of what is now the Team Valley and was originally part of the Saltwellside Estate. Although it was not a particularly notable house in any way, it was pleasant looking -–a long house with a sweeping verandah. John Barras the brewer lived here and the last occupant was F W Bernard known as the Low Fell giant. Inside, the house even boasted its own museum. Mark Archer lived there at one time
From the mid 1930’s the Team Valley Trading Estate encroached more and more and the house was eventually demolished in the 1960’s.


Title:  Farnacres
Date:  C 1900
Reference Number:  GL003400

Title:  Farnacres - bedroom
Date:  C 1900
Reference Number:  GL003401

Title:  Farnacres - carriagedrive
Date:  C 1900
Reference Number:  GL003398

Farnacres from Coach Road
Photographer:  Unknown..postcard
Date:  1938
Reference Number:  GL007647

Museum room in Farnacres House
Date:  C 1900
Reference Number:  GL003403
This photo shows it full of stuffed birds, rocks and minerals.

Title:  Farnacres charter, Team Valley
Photographer:  Newcastle P.L.
Date:  C1900
Reference Number:  GL007649

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