Gateshead Chapels, Citadels

including Masonic Hall

Methodist Church, High West Street, c1958
Photographer:  Davison, N.
Date:  C1958?

iSee Gateshead Photograph Ref:  GL001203
Gateshead Chapels, Citadels
including Masonic Lodges

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Methodist Chapel, High Street, Gateshead
Date:  C. 1903
Reference Number:  GL011226
Demolished c. 1922

Lectern inside Salvation Army Citadel, Warwick Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  Date Unknown
Reference Number:  LS000050
  "Lectern - Warwick St Citadel"
The Salvation Army have had a building in Warwick Street since 1909. The current one was built in the 1970s. The lectern commemorates Gen. William Booth and Mrs Catherine Booth.
Places of worship for the Salvation Army are called corps, temples or citadels

Masonic Hall, West Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Wilkinson, C
Date:  17 May 1971
Reference Number:  GL008448

Methodist Chapel, 33-37 East Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Davison, N.
Date:  07/05/1959
Reference Number:  GL011072




Title:  Methodist New Connexion Mission Room, Herbert Street
built 1877

Photographer:  Wilkinson, C.
Date:  04/06/1973
iSee Gateshead Photograph Ref:  GL011106
Gateshead Chapels, Citadels including Masonic Lodges

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bensham Road and Cuthbert Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1966
Reference Number:  GL010971
Item Description:  Built 1872-73. Demolished January/February 1967


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Gateshead Chapels, Citadels including Masonic Lodges brought to you by Felling Heritage Group, Courtesy of Gateshead Council

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