Windmill Hills, Gateshead

Title:  1-4 Park Terrace, Windmill Hills, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  C1963
Old Photos Ref:  GL001640
  This street was situated on Windmill Hills opposite the Bensham Bank end of Coatsworth Road. A Presbyterian Church was situated at one end of the street which led onto Palmer Street. The name of Park Terrace is possibly derived from Windmill Hills Park the main public park in Gateshead before the opening of Saltwell Park.

Presbyterian church, Park Terrace, Windmill Hills, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  Unknown
Old Photos Ref:  GL011230
What a magnificent postcard!

Windmill Hills Day Industrial School, Gateshead

 Windmill Hills Day Industrial School, Gateshead
Gateshead School Board Day Industrial and Infant School
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1879
Gateshead Old Photos Ref:  GL004171
Oliver & Leeson, Architects. Great buildings in Newcastle...Union Club for example, now Wetherspoons
This school clearly didn't get built exactly as architects planned it as shown in this postcard
The school was formerly Windmill Hills Industrial Day School. Day industrial schools operated from 1880 until 1895. (15 years only?) The schools were an attempt to reform and educate poor children. Children could be sent there by magistrates if it was considered that their moral welfare was being endangered! Most of the children who attended the school were found begging or taken from the care of drunken or criminal parents. Pupils were given industrial training and many went on to work in local pits and industries. Final building slightly different from this drawing


Title:  Windmill Hills Day Industrial School, Windmill Hills, 1964
Photographer:  Mason, W.F
Date:  March 1964
Old Pictures Ref:  GL001443
This is back view. 

These are 2015 front views of the Windmill Hills Day Industrial School. It became a care home but is now closed

The building is owned by the Church of Scientology who present this idealised image on their website...the reality is a rapidly deteriorating building. Who bears this disgrace? Is it you guys, Tom Cruise? Or Gateshead Council? We should get Lord David Beckham to pull a few strings

Windmill Hills School (non Industrial)

Windmill Hills School, Windmill Hills, 1964
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  March 1964
Gateshead Old Pictures Ref:  GL001434
The school was built in 1880 and later became the Ministry of Labour. The adjacent houses were later demolished. It is not to be confused with the previous item (4 photos of Industrial school)

A search on gatesheadlocalstudies will produce many windmill hills pics

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