Construction of Gateshead Highway, c1970
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1970
Reference Number:  GL003790

Construction of Hendon Road, Deckham Hall Estate, 1936
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  20/11/1936
Reference Number:  GL003893

March 2015
Biggest difference...shorter chimney stacks and no chimney pots now

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Construction of King Edward Bridge c.1905
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  C1905
King Edward Bridge Construction Photo Ref:  GL001254
The bridge was formally opened by King Edward VII in July 1906 but was not used by traffic until 1 Oct 1906. It meant a much needed second railway bridge across the Tyne with an additional advantage – trains were now able to travel from South to North without reversing. The bridge was commissioned by the North Eastern Railway and cost over five hundred thousand pounds. The engineer was Charles Harrison with work being carried out by the Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company. The King requested that the bridge be named after him – until that point it had been known as ‘The New High Level Bridge’.
The Tyne Bridge while under construction was also called ‘The New High Level Bridge’. on postcards of the day

King Edward Bridge Under Construction, c1905
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1905
Reference Number:  GL001252




Tyne Bridge Under Construction, Hill Gate, 11 March, 1927
Photographer:  Johnston, H.
Date:  11/03/1927
Reference Number:  GL001229

Item Description:  No.6 of Johnston postcard series. The building of the Tyne bridge which began in 1924, meant the whole-scale demolition of much of the area around St Mary’s Church, Gateshead together with part of the High Street. Bridge Street, Church Street and the east part of Bottle Bank
King George V opened the bridge on 10 October 1928.
The bridge stands 1,275’ long with a total height above the high water level of 193’ and cost £1.25 million to build. The architect was R Burns Dick, Mott, Hay & Anderson were the engineers.

Tyne Bridge Under Construction, c1925
Photographer:  Kell, G
Date:  C1925
Reference Number:  GL007192
This one shows the Steamboat Inn standing next to the early construction of The Tyne Bridge

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