Theatres, Gateshead


Gateshead was once rich in theatres and some of the buildings took on other uses. Sadly most are now gone. One still around is the Metropole, as a pub which has been recently refurbished.

Metropole Theatre & Hotel, 246 High Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  Date Unknown
iSee Gateshead Pictures Ref:  LS000023
Item Description:  Founded by Weldon Watts this was the largest theatre in Gateshead, opening in 1896 and seating 2,500. The décor was sumptous with a marble staircase. Prices covered a wide range from 4d in the gallery to private boxes at 31/6d.
The original doors can still be seen today but the building is now the Metropole Public House. This was one of the first buildings to have the electric light and the power was supplied direct from a gas engine. If the engine stopped, the lights went out immediately. The theatre was built on the site of Johnson’s Quay. Sydney Bacon, who was the manager from its opening went on to found the Sydney Bacon chain of cinemas. The theatre became the Scala cinema in 1919.

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