Jackson Street, Gateshead

Title:  22 Jackson Street, 1962
Photographer:  Davison, N.
Date:  December 1962
Reference Number:  GL004311
Until the late seventeenth century, this street was known as Colliers Chare. It was possibly named after Henry Jackson, estate steward to the Gerard family.


 Jackson Street, 1970s
Photographer:  Unknown
This photo is a good example of history happening before your very eyes. You'd never in the Noughties see children in pushchairs left outside unattended. You'd not see a man up a ladder unfooted on a busy street

Looking down on Jackson Street. Spot the bits beyond Jackson Street which have changed
A search on gatesheadlocalstudies for Colliers Chare, the former name of jackson street brings forth 20+ results

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