Cottages in Gateshead

Cottages aren't the first thing that come to mind when thinking of Gateshead and yet look here...these were in Central Gateshead

Johnson's Quay, as this was called was actually the corner of Gateshead High Street and Jackson Street, where the Metropole stands now. Why isn't this picture displayed in the refurbished Metropole?
(David Pringle painting)

Gateshead always had some rural areas, for example in Saltwell, Bensham and Low Fell but since 1974 when Gateshead's boundaries were extended, large parts of Gateshead are now rural

Black House, Black House Lane, Ryton 1900

Taken by J.P. Dalton, surveyor of Ryton Urban District Council, between 1898-1905. The Black House, from which the lane took its name, stood in its own grounds on the corner of Blackhouse Lane and Ryton Main Road (east side). It was one of a number of thatched cottages in the Ryton area and features on the first edition Ordnance Survey map of Ryton published in 1858. It is thought to have derived its name from the colour of its thatch which was blackened by pollution from local industry. The cottage features on the 1919 O.S. map but was demolished shortly afterwards. This image is taken from one of a number of glass plate negatives collected by W.A. Cocks of Ryton. W.A. Cocks was a keen local historian, archaeologist and an inveterate collector. He not only collected and played pipes, but also made them. He helped to produce the first ever book of plans for making Northumbrian pipes and researched extensively into the history of the pipes in the region. His collection of glass plates date from the late 1890s to the 1950s. Many of the early images were taken by J.P. Dalton, Surveyor to Ryton Urban District Council between 1898 and 1905. The plates are numbered and an annotated notebook in Cock's hand accompanies the collection from which title and date information is taken.

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Cottages, Chowdene Bank, 1900 
Post Card Version and a photograph used in 2000 in 'Old Gateshead' by Alan Brazendale, Tempus Publications

Robbers Corner was on Sunderland Road

Cottage, Blaydon

Elisabethville, Birtley

One of the Belgian cottages in Elisabethville

Smiths Villas Wardley...cottage like?

Hillcrest Aged Miners Cottages, High Heworth


Here's a winner at Joseph Hopper Aged Miner's cottages at Windy Nook which also has Kays Cottages and Square Houses

Another David Pringle painting.... Cottages at Carr Hill

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