Fatal Transport Accidents

This accident took place on March 26th 1907 and was caused by a kink in the lines due to a sudden change in temperature from cold to heat. The morning had been frosty, but later the temperature had risen to 65ºF (much higher than it been at that time of year during the last ten or twelve years). The temperature on the line was estimated to be 86ºF. This caused the rails to expand and kink. The signalman, Charles Anderson, was exonerated from all blame in the matter. Two people died. More here

Down express passenger train from Leeds to Newcastle


Tram accident Gateshead 1916. Everybody on-board survived - although there were injuries, including broken legs. But, tragically, the runaway tram crushed four passers-by to death. This very tram is now at Beamish Living Museum

Old Photographs of Fatal Transport Accidents in Gateshead brought to you by

The Felling Heritage Group

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