Beamish Museum

with its two iconic bits of old Gateshead

Standing facing each other in the Beamish Town are two bits of old Gateshead. The Bandstand in the Park, is from Saltwell Park and it looks out onto Ravensworth Tce, also from Gateshead, not far from Saltwell Park

 The Bandstand has that distinctive top which be easily spotted in the following pictures of the Bandstand when it was on the island in the lake of Saltwell Park


And this is Ravensworth Tce, before being dismantled brick by brick and reassembled at Beamish

Map 1897

The yellow pin marks the middle of Ravensworth Tce in Bensham and the green pin is placed on the island in the Saltwell Park Lake. They were near neighbours then and now

Gateshead's No. 34 Tram is at Beamish awaiting restoration

Gateshead bits of Beamish brought to you by

                    The Felling Heritage Group