Public Clocks

On the left is Little Ben outside Victoria Station, London. On the right is "Little Bill" outside Gateshead Town Hall. It is said that one is a replica of the other...well, it's now a close resemblance...different paint jobs over the years

Clock presented by Walter Willson, the local shop chain owner who was twice time Mayor

Gateshead Visitor Centre..formerly St. Mary's Church

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Clock Tower on Swinburne Street, Gateshead

The Felling has St. Mary's Church, Heworth, which works


and the former Beeswing Hotel clock which doesn't

Dunston has a Clockmill Road but no public clock. Birtley has none and neither does Ryton nor Crawcrook
but Lamesley does on St Andrews Church tower

Gateshead Public Clocks photographs brought to you by

             The Felling Heritage Group