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Looking Down Felling High Street

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Coatsworth Road, Gateshead

27-31 Ellison Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Gateshead County Borough Public Health
Date:  Date unknown
Reference Number:  GL003698
Cuthbert Ellison (1783-1860), MP for Gateshead and a great benefactor to the town was commemorated in this street. These houses built in 1840 were built to provide good class houses of three stories and with half basements. However, they eventually became tenemented. The houses were demolished in the 1950’s.


3 and 5 Melbourne Street, Gateshead
Date:  1956
Named after Lord Melbourne (1779-1848) Queen Victoria’s first prime minister. Melbourne St and Victoria Street were built at the same time as Grosvenor Street . They formed part of the Barn Close estate (Burying Close) built by William Falkous on
land formerly part of the Bensham estates between 1838-1840. Described as ‘neat & pleasantly situated’ when built,
the estate rapidly deteriorated and the houses became tenemented. The first cholera death of 1853 occurred in Victoria Street.

3, 5 and 7 Garden Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Gateshead County Borough Public Health
Date:  1930-1938
Reference Number:  GL001502
This photograph was taken during a survey of Gateshead housing taken in the 1930s. Under the Housing Act of 1930, the Council was given much greater legal power to deal with slum housing. The worst areas were in central Gateshead. The Housing Act meant that whole areas of housing could be demolished and between 1932 and 1935 and many the streets in central Gateshead were acquired by compulsory purchase order and demolished. (Manders, 1973)
Garden Street was situated next to Oakwellgate, off Gateshead High Street. The signal gantry belonging to the Brandling Junction railway, which ran just behind Garden Street can just be seen behind the rooftops. Garden Street was demolished during the clearances of 1937.

Bottle Bank
Church Walk

LIST OF STREETS, LANES, COURTS, &c. IN 1846, Gateshead
F. WHITE & Co.
Sheffield, Match 9th, 1847.

Almond's court, Hillgate
Abbot's yard, High street
Akenhead's yard. High street
Barras's court, High street
Bailey chare, High street
Bankwell passage, Pipewellgate
Bell's yard, Oakwellgate
Barrington place. Windmill hills
Beckington's yard. High street Bensham, Windmill hills
Blue Bell entry, Pipewellgate
Bird-in-Bush entry. Bottle bank Blind John's entry. High street Bolivar place, East street Bottle bank, Bridge street
Brunswick terrace. Barn close
Bridge street, Tyne bridge Brown's yard, Church street Bruce's yard. Cannon street Brunswick street. High street Cannon street. Church street
Charlton's yard. High street
Carr's hill, Durham old Road Chapel street, Melbourn street Chapman's court, Hillgate Charles street. High street Charlotte place. West street
Cranston's entry. High street
Church stairs. Church street Church street. Bridge street Church walk. Church street Claremont place, Sedgwick place Cook's lane. High street Coward's yard. High street
Dobson's yard. High street
Cross Keys entry, Pipewellgate Crown & Thistle yard, Pipewellgate Daglish's entry, High street Deckham place, Durham old Road Dobson's court, Bridge street East Bailey chare, High street
Ellison street, High street
East street, Oakwellgate lane Easton court, High stieet Easton's entry, High street Easton place. East street Easton street, East street Eidon place, East street Ellison place, Ellison street
Freeman's entry. High street
Ellison terrace. Barn close Elysium lane, Bensham Errington's yard, High street Errington's yard, Pipewellgate Fairweather's yard, High street Farnwell's entry. High street Fountain yard, Pipewellgate
Grosvenor street, Half Moon lane
Freeman's terrace. Windmill hills Friars Goose, South shore Garden court, 182 High street Garden street, Oakwellgate Gleghorn's entry, High street Grahamsley street. High street Green's yard, Pipewellgate Half Moon lane, High street
Hymer's square, High street
Hardy's yard. High street Harrison's yard. High street Hawk entry, bottlo bank High Fell,'Sheriffhill High street, Head of Church street Hillgatfi, Bridge street Hood's Buildings, Windmill hills Howick place. West street Hymer's yard, High street
Lee's entry, High street
Inness yard. High street Jackson street. High street Jobey's entry, High street John's place. West street King James's street, Brunswick st. King William's street, West street Lambton terrace, Wes^ street LangstafTs entry, Bottle bank Leigbton*s entry, Pipewellgate
Mount Greenwich, South shore
Leonard's court, High street Lister's yard, High street Low Fell, Durham Road Lowson's yd., High st Lumley's yard. High street Melbourne street. Half Moon lane" Millers yard, Pipewellgate Millfield cresent. Windmill hills Molendine terrace, Jackson street Mulgrave terrace, Half Moon lane
Ocean terrace, Mulgrave terrace
New Cannon street. High street New Chatham, Pipewellgate New Deptford, South shore New Greenwich, South shore New Stourbridge, Pipewellgate New Woolwich, South shore Nun's lane. High street Oakwellgate, Cannon street Oakwellgate chare, High street Oakwellgate lane, Oakwellgate Old Angel yard. Cannon street
Pollock street. Windmill hills
Park lane, High street Park street, High street Parkin's yard, High street Partridge landing, Hillgate Peareth's buildings, High street Perkin's court. High street Pipe entry, Pipewellgate Pipewellgate, Bridge street Pipewell lane, Pipewellgate Pitman's yard, Pipewellgate Pleasant row. High street Price's buildings, East street
Roddam's court, Bottle bank
Proctor's buildings, Pipewellgate prospect cottages. High street Providence place. West street Quarry field, Oakwellgate lane Queen's Head yard, High street Rabbitt banks, Pipewellgate Ranter's entry, Pipewellgate Ravensworth terrace, Bensham Rebecca street. Windmill hills Redheugh, Pipewellgate Rewcastle's yard, Hillgate Roddam's yard. High street
South shore, Hillgate
Romulus terrace, Windmill hills Rowell'syard, Pipewellgate Rutherford's yard, High street Salt Meadows, South shore Scott's buildings, Pipewellgate Sedgwick place, Union lane Sheriff hill, Durham old road Ship yard, High street Simpson yard, Church street Sister's lane. High st Smith's yard, Hillgate Soap Boiler landing, Hillgate Soulsby's yard. High street

St. John's court, High street St. Mark's lane, East Bailey chare Stewart place, Durham old road Slew art's yd., High st Stewart's buildings. High street Stringer's entry, High street Sugar house lane, Hillgate Sun court, 226 High street Swinburne place. High street Taylor's buildings, High street Faylor's court. High street Tucker's entry, Pipewellgate Union lane,High street

Union place. Windmill hills Union row. Windmill hills Unsworth's yard. High street Vine Row, Jackson street Wake's yard, High street Walker terrace. Windmill hills
Woodbine terrace, Windmill hill
Waterloo terrace. West street
Well entry, 167 High street
Welsh's yard, High street
West street, Bailey chare
West street (High) West street
While House entry, High street
William street, Baron close
Windmill hills, Mulgrave terrace
Young's yard, High street

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