Bridges of the Tyne

Dunston Staithes opened in 1893 and loaded its last coal in 1982. ...less than 100 years. The staithes couldn't have happened until after 1866 when the low Tyne Bridge started to be dismantled because no ships of any size could go west of the Tyne Bridge. Once it was down big ships could go west because the Swing Bridge swung (opened 1876)  and the High Level Bridge was high (opened 1849). The replacement high Tyne Bridge was a long time coming...1928

River God Tyne Statue at The Civic Centre, Newcastle

Gateshead Millennium Bridge  2001
Tyne Bridge  1928
Swing Bridge  1876
High Level Bridge  1849/50
Metro Bridge  1981
King Edward Bridge  1906
Redheugh Bridge  1983
all seen here

Scotswood Bridge  1967
Scotswood Railway Bridge  1871
Blaydon Bridge  1990

A Plug for a Pal
Famously there were Five Bridges but now there are seven bridges across a mile long stretch of the River Tyne below central Gateshead on the south bank,( or ten if you include the two Scotswoods and A1 Motorway Bridge (Blaydon Bridge))They are, and the additional two are in italics, the Millenium Bridge, Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge, High Level Bridge, 5. Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, 6. King Edward Bridge, Redheugh Bridge

"Spit in the Tyne for me"
Keith Black*

*He had been promoted to General Manager of the company he worked for and moved to London. I was in London for a few days and stayed with him and his family. As we parted on Oxford Street he called after me 'Jon" he said "spit in the Tyne for me". Poignant or what?

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Four of the Magnificent Bridges
Gloriously built
Two are high, one swings
And t'other does tilt
Jon Bratton 2016

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