Bensham Asylum
The Bensham Lunatic Asylum was a Psychiatric Hospital enclosed within extensive grounds, established in 1799. Bensham Asylum, was one of three private asylums in Gateshead and expanded rapidly with the majority of pauper lunatic patients being sent there from 1836 in addition to private patients. The asylum was known as Glentons, after one of the proprietors. The asylum was founded around 1830 and was in use until around 1875 when the inmates were moved to Garbutt's Asylum at Dunston.

Wrekenton Asylum
Wrekenton Asylum was controlled by a Mrs Gowland and Mr John Gowland (her son). Although there was a farm attached where those patients who were sufficiently well to go at large can receive healthy exercise and recreation, the crowding together in one building of the 37 patients led in 1849 to 20 deaths from cholera.
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Dunston Lodge Asylum
Reference No: GL000035
Aerial view of Dunston Lodge

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St Mary's Stannington

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