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Heworth 1913

Heworth School 1935-36
It’s 80 years ago...how many of these children are still with us?
Names in alphabetical order
F. Bathgate, M. Bell, G Brown, T Brown, J Headlam, L Golightly, D. Govern, M. Radforth, G. Rear, D. Reid, M. Simpson, N. Simpson, K. Stewart, N. Waddem, S. Walker, K. Wharton, J. Wigg, G. Wise


Heworth Village in about 1900. The wall on the right is St. Mary's and you are looking at the village stretching away over the now Bypass roundabout towards the Maiden Over pub

   Heworth Council School, 1904
Gateshead Historic Pictures Ref:  GL000694
Heworth School is shown here not long after it was built in 1904.

Heworth Hall 1912

Heworth Village 1895

Heworth Vicarage demolished 1959 to make way for Felling Bypass

Heworth parish hall built 1912 demolished 1959 to make way for Felling Bypass

Thomas Hepburn Memorial Service takes place every year in St Mary's Churchyard..this one was 1993

Herworth School being demolished

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