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This 4-metre high sculpture of reinforced, painted concrete, called Sports Day, was made on site by Mike Winstone, Gateshead's sculptor in residence from 1985 to 86.

Victorian Baker's Shop, Carlisle Street, Felling
A terracotta relief mosaic occupying a bricked-up shop window by Neil Talbot (1986) of a Victorian Baker's Shop, using 250 carved ceramic blocks. Situated on the site of a former baker's shop, the relief shows shop windows stocked with bread, buns and pies, and a diverse selection of cakes. The shop door is opening for a lady with a basket to leave, although ahead of her is a small terrier dog, proudly carrying a gingerbread man.
Tyne and Wear HER(10918): Felling, Gosforth Street, 'Victorian Baker's Shop'


Goats by Sally Matthews on, formerly, Rabbits Bank below the Queen Elizabeth II bridge.  They are now very hard to find..the vegetation needs cutting back.
The sculptures are "of welded metal armatures fleshed out with scrap materials and textured aggregate cement". 
The sculptures were drawn from real goats at Bill Quay Community Farm.
They reflect the goats head used in the Gateshead symbol now replaced by the "helmet and gate" design..The goats head is a loved symbol although symbolically erroneous

The Ribbon Railings form a boundary along Askew Road, Gateshead

Authorised "Graffitti", next to Sage

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