This section crosses over other boundaries and could include Memorials, Bonfires.
Indeed, Ceremony and Memorial come together in this great picture

This is not just a war memorial..it's wor war memorial

Newcastle and Gateshead Trams Link Up... January 1923

Will a bonfire be lit for the Coronation of King Charles or is the modern way to hold an event like the magnificent one held on the Quayside to mark the one millionth participant in the Great North Run. 

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Another modernish way to commemorate people or events is the blue plaque, which is well embraced in Gateshead, as is the granting of the freedom of the Borough to notable individuals

The Sage is a venue used for degree ceremonies

Little Theatre Re-Opening Ceremony

A big ceremonial event of the past was the opening of the Tyne Bridge

and Princess Diana opened the new Redheugh Bridge

The Felling's St Patrick's Church Consecration in 1950

Ceremony re Laying Foundation Stone of Shipcote Baths

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