F.J. Finn

F.rancis Joseph Finn, Mayor of Gateshead in 1898

This shop was the premises of F. J. Finn. From the age of seven F. J. Finn sold the clay pipes manufactured by his father. He gained control of the business in 1884 and expanded it, adding a dry-salting business and a sweet factory. He became a member of the Board of Guardians, a J.P., and a Mayor of Gateshead in 1898 . He was probably the only pipemaker to organize the shop on factory lines. He had a number of shops situated in Oakwellgate and the High Street.

He died on 8th August 1909.

His widow survived him by a long time. By 1922, per the attached newspaper clipping, she had turned to drink and badly neglected looking after her grandchild, who was removed from her charge and placed in the workhouse

F. J. Finn pipe parts. This one offered for sale on ebay and the following stems found in a quarry in Cumbria


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