Wesleyan Methodist Church/Chapel


 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bensham Road and Cuthbert Street. 1908
Date:  15/04/1908
Reference Number:  GL010964
Built 1872-73. Demolished January/February 1967

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bensham Road and Cuthbert Street, Gateshead
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1966
Reference Number:  GL010975

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 Wesleyan Chapel, Wrekenton, c1903
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  C1903
Reference Number:  GL001781
Item Description:  Built 1832, demolished 1905.

Rowlands Gill

Temporary Wesleyan Chapel, Rowlands Gill, c 1908
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  1899-1902
Reference Number:  GL001173
Item Description:  This structure was erected in 1899 and served as a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel until a pemanent stone chapel was erected alongside in 1902. This building then served as a Sunday School until 1957 when it was demolished and a large brick Hall/Sunday School erected on the site.


 Kibblesworth Wesleyan Chapel
Photographer:  Unknown
Date:  Date Unknown
Reference Number:  GL000584
Kibblesworth is in the parish of St. Andrew, Lamesley. While the area was agricultural, this was the centre of worship for the people of Kibblesworth. After the development of the mining industry, the Primitive Methodist Chapel (1864) and Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1867), provided social as well as religious life for the village. The present chapel was built by the Wesleyan Methodists in 1913. The Primitive Methodist Chapel is now a candle making factory.

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