Angel of the North

Since February 1998 when Antony Gormley's 200 tonne, 20 metres high Angel
of the North landed, 

with its 54 metres wingspan, it has become one of the most talked about,
and viewed pieces of public art ever produced. It gets 150,000 visitors a year and 90,000 drivers 
view it daily

What's happened to the Summer?
It's such a bloomin' shame
It's never stopped peein' doon
Since that Angel came

It's not global warming
Let's dispel those fears
The waater faallin' doon on us
Is little Angel tears

'Cos they're aall up there blubbin'
Their image is doon the pan
Folks were dyin' te get to heaven
Now nebody wants te gan

When a bairn now draws an angel
Ye knaa what yer get
Not a nice heavenly body
But a rusty jumbo jet

Lookin' like it's been landed
By a pilot from ower the toon
Who didn't knaa the proper way
And just revorsed it doon

I can see it clearly from wor hoose
Which isn't very nice
Whaat wi' that and the neighbour's clapped oot car
It's knocked thoosands off the price

Folk taalk of it's mystic powers
Just give it's feet a rub
One local wifie did it
And now she's in the club

A lottery grant paid for it
So aah shouldn't moan and shout
It may be an ugly rusty thing
But still... it cost us nowt

Personally, I can't abide it
But hinnies, let's be fair
Love it or loathe it
We aall knaa it's there

Gateshead Angel poem by Jon Bratton c 1998

Angel of the North Photographs are brought to you by

                        The Felling Heritage Group